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weltweit: you asked us: NOMOS Orion as a dress watch by FratelloWatches

In ‘weltweit’ we keep track of interesting NOMOS articles posted around the web.

This week Gerard Nijenbrinks of answered an interesting question posed by a reader: Is the Nomos Orion a good choice for a dress watch?

What do you think about the Nomos Orion, 35mm, as a good choice? Or the 38mm? Looks like it would be appropriate with either a black or brown leather band. Beyond the broader watch and size considerations, what do you think about the benefits/deficiencies as a dress watch of having the silver indexes and hands versus the gold and blue indexes and hands?

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new: NOMOS Ahoi Neomatik Signal White & Club Neomatik Signal White

This week NOMOS added two watches to its Aqua collection; the Club Neomatik Signal White reference 744, and the Ahoi Neomatik Signal White reference 564.

Just in time for summer 2018, NOMOS introduced two new members of the Aqua family: the Club Neomatik 744 and the Ahoi Neomatik 564. Both feature the new Signal White dial, which is bright white rather than silverish, with red and blue accents & numerals. Time is indicated through tempered blue hands for the hours & minutes, and a deep red seconds hand. For both the Ahoi as well as the Club there’s now a choice of five dial colors – the Nameless silver, the dark-blue Atlantik, the Siren WhiteSiren Blue, and Siren Red.

I quite like these, especially the Club. The dial looks more crisp compared to the regular silver one, and the blue hands provide ample contrast. The red & blue details add a nautical vibe which makes me long for a long slow day at the beach. I think these dials fall nicely in between the more subdued silver & Atlantik and the all-out Signal Blue & Signal Red. Nicely done!

The NOMOS Club Neomatik Signal White reference 744 has a stainless steel case of 37,0mm, water resistant up to 20 atm. It has a retail price of EUR 2.500 incl. VAT.

The NOMOS Ahoi Neomatik Signal White reference 564 has a stainless steel case of 36,3 mm, water resistant up to 20 atm. It has a retail price of EUR 3.240 incl. VAT.

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ace x nomos de stijl poster

Here’s a fun poster Elise created for our Ace x NOMOS Orion 100 Years de Stijl Limited Edition. It highlights the changes we made to the original Orion, and shows the uncompromised (or even improved?) of legibility of the dial – the unique markers notwithstanding. It’s inspired by a 2006 ad we found on for Juwelier Roller. Get in touch with us in case you’re interested in owning one of these – we have a small number of them left!

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it’s official – the NOMOS Club 701 & 703 are discontinued!

Yesterday the sad news reached me that the both the NOMOS Club 701 and it’s see-through back sibling the NOMOS Club 703 are now officially discontinued. As of today they are no longer available for retailers to order through NOMOS as they have no stock left!


As many of you know I have a deep affection for the 701 – it’s cool, rugged and affordable. It’s discontinuation isn’t all that surprising though. I suspected as much when the 2018 price list came out, and of course the Campus collection has been the new entry-level NOMOS for quite a while now. This morning I will spend spamming all of our contacts at NOMOS to check if we can still get a few for our stock. If your local NOMOS AD still has one, it’s a watch I highly recommend.

EDIT – one more 701 will find its way to Amsterdam. After that, it is to the best of my knowledge that one final batch of approx 30-50 will be finished and made available once they come out of production.

For now, please enjoy these pics of my own 701 from our archives!

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editorial – facts derived from the data sheet

Yesterday I introduced you to our NOMOS master data sheet, which can be found here. It includes all info I deemed essential on the current collection NOMOS watches – from today including their prices in EUR. But seeing that it’s sortable for each of the properties, I thought it’d be fun to dive into it a bit deeper for a few facts and numbers. So here we go;

Number of references

Today the list stands at 155 unique references. This is just the standard models – no limited or special editions such as our own Orion de Stijl are included.

Open versus Closed case back

Of these 155 NOMOS watches, 122 feature an open case back, while -you guessed it- 33 feature a closed back.

Stainless Steel versus Gold

Out of 155, 141 NOMOS watches are made of stainless steel, and only 14 are made of either white or rose gold.

Manual versus Automatic movement

Here the scales are slightly more balanced; 89 NOMOS watches feature a hand wound movement, while 66 are automatic.

Records: the Biggest and Smallest NOMOS

The biggest NOMOS watch in terms of diameter is the Lambda, which comes in at 42mm if you opt for the larger version of the two. As far as stainless steel watches are concerned the owner goes to the Club Automatic Date, which has a case diameter of 41.5mm. The NOMOS with the smallest diameter is the Tetra 27, which measures 27.5*27.5mm. For round watches it’s the Orion 33, which has a diameter of 32.8mm.

Record: the Thickest and Thinnest NOMOS

The NOMOS with the heighest case is currently the Zürich Weltzeit, which is 10.85mm. At 6.05mm the Tetra 27 is the slimmest.

Record: the Heaviest and Lightest NOMOS

The honor of being the lightest again goes to the Tetra 27, which weights just 30 grams including the strap. The heaviest is the Lux, specifically in white gold, which measures 78 grams.

I hope you enjoyed this bit of geekery with NOMOS numbers. Have a stellar day!