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editorial – facts derived from the data sheet

Yesterday I introduced you to our NOMOS master data sheet, which can be found here. It includes all info I deemed essential on the current collection NOMOS watches – from today including their prices in EUR. But seeing that it’s sortable for each of the properties, I thought it’d be fun to dive into it a bit deeper for a few facts and numbers. So here we go;

Number of references

Today the list stands at 155 unique references. This is just the standard models – no limited or special editions such as our own Orion de Stijl are included.

Open versus Closed case back

Of these 155 NOMOS watches, 122 feature an open case back, while -you guessed it- 33 feature a closed back.

Stainless Steel versus Gold

Out of 155, 141 NOMOS watches are made of stainless steel, and only 14 are made of either white or rose gold.

Manual versus Automatic movement

Here the scales are slightly more balanced; 89 NOMOS watches feature a hand wound movement, while 66 are automatic.

Records: the Biggest and Smallest NOMOS

The biggest NOMOS watch in terms of diameter is the Lambda, which comes in at 42mm if you opt for the larger version of the two. As far as stainless steel watches are concerned the owner goes to the Club Automatic Date, which has a case diameter of 41.5mm. The NOMOS with the smallest diameter is the Tetra 27, which measures 27.5*27.5mm. For round watches it’s the Orion 33, which has a diameter of 32.8mm.

Record: the Thickest and Thinnest NOMOS

The NOMOS with the heighest case is currently the Zürich Weltzeit, which is 10.85mm. At 6.05mm the Tetra 27 is the slimmest.

Record: the Heaviest and Lightest NOMOS

The honor of being the lightest again goes to the Tetra 27, which weights just 30 grams including the strap. The heaviest is the Lux, specifically in white gold, which measures 78 grams.

I hope you enjoyed this bit of geekery with NOMOS numbers. Have a stellar day!

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new – sortable nomos data sheet

Hi guys!

Quick heads up – I have just uploaded a reference sheet with all NOMOS watches from the current collection. It’s still a bit of a work in progress and it works best if you put in a search for a specific reference. It will allow you to quickly look up details such on the diameter, lug width, the standard strap and buckle used, et cetera. In the future I’d love to make it easier to use, and perhaps add a field here and there. Just a reminder, the lug-to-lug measurements of all NOMOS watches can be found in the SIZES sections.

You’ll find the data sheet right here. Enjoy!

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weltweit: Ace x Nomos Limited Edition de Stijl – Impressie, draagverslag en andere mijmeringen by

In ‘weltweit’ we keep track of NOMOS articles posted around the web.

This week Lex Stolk of Horloge.Info posted a review of the Ace x NOMOS De Stijl Limited Edition. Sorry – this one is for the Dutchies only!

De monochromatische weg die Ace en Nomos zijn ingeslagen blijft veel langer boeiend. Wie toch primaire kleuren wilt zien kan twee dingen doen: het horloge omdraaien en ontdekken dat het Alpha uurwerk is voorzien van geblauwde schroeven, rode synthetische robijnen en een geel/goudkleurig balanswiel óf de zwarte Shell Cordovan band verruilen voor een gekleurd exemplaar.

Click to read the full article!

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our customer: Kim from South Korea

Earlier today I received some very kind words from Kim of South Korea, who ordered a couple of straps from us not too long ago;

Hi minimatikal, I’m Kim.

Strap safely delivered well and the strap is really satisfying !!

I don’t have a NOMOS watch of 19mm lug, but it fits my Omega Aqua Terra 38.5mm perfectly and I am so happy now.

And thank you for your handwriting on the postcard.

Next time I will use minimatikal again for buying straps.

I hope this year will be full of good things.

From Kim, In South Korea

When I learned that Kim was using our original NOMOS straps on his Omega, I absolutely HAD to see a few pics. Luckily Kim was gracious enough to send both his pics as well as his permission to use them on minimatikal.

Doesn’t that look just perfect?

The fact that NOMOS offers straps in odd widths like 17 and 19mm makes them perfect for watches with lugs that wide, and the fact that they’re offered in a range of sizes makes them perfect for either smaller or larger wrists too.

Thank you Kim for your trust in Minimatikal, your kind words, and your beautiful pictures! Enjoy in the very best of health!

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editorial: about minimatikal – the extended version

Hi guys!

Now that is fully up-and-running I felt it was time for a bit of background. So sit back, relax, and allow me to explain what it is that we’re trying to do here.

What is minimatikal? is owned and operated by Ace Jewelers. We’re based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. With Ace Jewelers we’ve been Authorized Dealer for NOMOS since early 2016, and it’s been a great ride since. We’ve sold many, many watches, we’ve visited them both in Berlin as well as in Glashuette, and we even had the opportunity to create our own Limited Edition. NOMOS is one of our favorite brands, and the people behind it make it a joy to work with as well.

Why minimatikal?

NOMOS has been available in the Ace Jewelers eBoutique ever since the launch, where it sits nice and comfortably in between a decent number of other luxury watch brands. But our love for NOMOS runs so deep that we felt it deserves its own place too. From an editorial perspective we wanted a place 100% dedicated to NOMOS, allowing us to geek out on the tiniest details. From a technical perspective we wanted to explore other eCommerce platforms than the one used by the main Ace Jewelers website, which is a rather large and sometimes complex machine. In terms of design it had to be tailor-made to fit the style and feel of the brand; clean and simple, yet not too serious. In short we were looking for a platform that would highlight NOMOS, that’d be be easy to operate and maintain, and that would allow us to experiment, change, and adapt in real time. Oh, and it had to be as cheap as possible!

The result of all this is what you see here: our love letter to NOMOS. First of all we have the blog, where we post whatever we feel suitable for a NOMOS-oriented website; press releases, our own editorial content, links to reads on other venues – all of that. Next we have a number of static pages, including those that feature all sizes (yes, including lug-to-lug!) of the various models. Finally there’s the eComm section. It’s mostly straps and buckles for now, though we’ll be adding more and more watches in time. For that we hope to add a lot of cool pre-owned pieces, display models and discontinued pieces – at great prices.

Who runs this place?

It’s me, Dale, with the help of Elise and the support of other Team Ace members. Send me an email via Hello@(…) if you have any questions!