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nomos club 701 discontinued? update

On May 30th I published a post on the discontinuation of our beloved Club 701 and 703:

“Yesterday the sad news reached me that the both the NOMOS Club 701 and it’s see-through back sibling the NOMOS Club 703 are now officially discontinued. As of today they are no longer available for retailers to order through NOMOS as they have no stock left!” (full article).

The Club 701 and 703 however are still available for order to this day, both through as well as through the NOMOS Corner – which is the system us Authorized Dealers use to place our orders. This led me to ask my contacts in Glashütte about the status of these earlier this week. Today I got my answer:

After we have decided and announced to discontinue the Club 701, we had suddenly so many request that we believed we shouldn’t make our NOMOS Fans unhappy, so we ordered more missing parts to build more.

It is discontinued but as long as we have several cases or dials, we can still build if retailers are ordering…

While I am not 100% sure what this means in terms of numbers or time frame, I guess this is good news for us Club fans?

Update 19/7/2019

Dear Dale,

we are fine thank you.

As long as we have the parts of the watch we can produce it, but you have right in foreseeable future this watch is sold out. I hope this was helpfully for you.

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