NOMOS Orion 38 De Stijl Limited Edition

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The NOMOS Orion 38 De Stijl is a limited edition Orion 38 created for Ace Jewelers.

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The NOMOS Orion 38 De Stijl is a limited edition of 100 pieces created for Ace Jewelers.

With this limited edition, Ace Jewelers and NOMOS created a tribute to one of the Netherland’s most prolific art movements: De Stijl. But instead of using the primary colors that this movement is often associated with, the jewelers and watchmakers designed a completely new dial. Inspired by works of Rietveld and Mondrian, each of the indexes has its own length and weight – resulting in a distinctive asymmetrical look.

Putting aside the source of inspiration, hands-on (& on the wrist) the markers add some visual interest to the otherwise very classical and restraint Orion design. It’s quirky yet not over-the-top, asymmetrical yet pleasing to the eye. It also feels slightly whimsical, and I feel that on a meta level the watch invites its owner to reflect on the uniqueness of each passing moment. There’s no order or hierarchy to be discovered among the markers. They seem to be placed in a casual & nonchalant fashion, yet the fact that the watch does in no way feel imbalanced suggests that their placement is in fact carefully studied. Would it be too far off to think of a concept like sprezzatura, or perhaps even wabi-sabi?

Based on the Orion 38, the stainless steel case of the Orion de Stijl measures 38mm across, and houses the hand-wound Alpha movement. It is delivered on a black Shell Cordovan strap, though it also looks good in blue as pictured above.

The NOMOS Orion de Stijl was featured on Monochrome Watches, Worn and Wound, Revolution, and many other blogs & magazines.

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