sizes nomos lux

Sizes of NOMOS Lux watches, including diameter, thickness, lug width, and lug-to-lug.

Below we have listed all size information on the NOMOS Lux. Please note that the diameter, thickness and lug width are as supplied by NOMOS, while the lug-to-lug size is derived from these using image editing software.

Don’t hesitate to contact us with any corrections or additions to the references observed.

Lux 38.5

  • size: 38.5*34mm
  • thickness: 9.0mm
  • lug width: 17mm
  • lug-to-lug: +/- 45.1mm
  • examples: 940, 941, 942

Lux 40.5

  • size: 40.5*36mm
  • thickness: 8.95mm
  • lug width: 18mm
  • lug-to-lug: +/- 48.3mm
  • examples: 920, 921