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editorial: Interview with Alon Ben Joseph

interview alon ben joseph nomos ace jewelers limited edition club amsterdam

Interview with the CEO of Ace Jewelers about the new limited edition: Nomos Club Campus Amsterdam

Alon Ben Joseph took time to share a cup of coffee and answer some questions about the new released limited edition: Ace x Nomos Club Campus Amsterdam.

He has been active in the family company since 1998. After obtaining his Bachelor degree in New York, Alon continued his Master degree in Business Economics at the University of Amsterdam. Very proud that Ace Jewelers was the first Dutch luxury jeweler in The Netherlands to open an eBoutique, Alon is also passionate about watches, gem stones, IT & E-commerce, Tennis and Cinema.

How did NOMOS come on your radar?

A: As a watch collector and jeweler as well I always try to keep track of the various watch brands out there. The year NOMOS was founded, they caught my eye immediately. I am a huge fan of both the Bauhaus movement as well as German engineering & pünktlichheit.

What do you like about NOMOS?

A: That is a great question and for me very easy to answer. It is these three things:

First of all it is their general philosophy and business ethos. Then there’s the superbly clean designs, which are executed to perfection. Finally there’s the fact that their such a well-rounded company. From design and marketing to manufacturing of cases, movements, dials and hands – most of it is done in-house in either Berlin or Glashütte. That’s cool!

You already unveiled a first limited edition with NOMOS in 2017, celebrating the 100 Years of de Stijl. How has it been received?

A: We made a dial design that has never done before, it was out of the ordinary, but very much in-line with NOMOS’ philosophy and style code. We knew it was not an easy sell, but we were blown away by the love and positive responses we received. Both from watch collectors as well as art aficionado’s! We are proud to say we have only a few left in-stock.

What made you interested in working on a second Limited Edition and what is special about it?

A: This is almost a rhetorical question, but actually a very good one. There are many reasons, buy maybe the most important: it is very exciting to take part in the design of a watch. A dream for many watch collectors. We got elevated from retailer & friend of the brand to co-designer. I consider this to be one of the highest honors a retailer can get!

And, what makes it even more special, we have had the privilege to apply the colors of our beloved Amsterdam to one of our favorite NOMOS watches. A perfect match!

interview alon ben joseph nomos ace jewelers limited edition club amsterdam

Why a Club Campus?

A: Again a lot of reasons… Where should I start? A few things that come to mind;

I love dial with the mixed Arabic and Roman numerals. I was so happy NOMOS launched the Campus two years ago. It makes for such a fun dial!

The club really is an all-round watch. It is classic and timeless, yet also sporty, casual, fun, and not afraid of a bit of water. Basically like our hometown Amsterdam!

We think this watch was the best match for the colors of the coat of arms of Amsterdam.

We did an Orion as first Watch, we wish to do a collab for every single model in the NOMOS collection. This might be ambitious, but we hope to make it happen!

Should I keep on going?

What was the inspiration during the designing process?

A: We went back to the basics, the logo of Amsterdam, which it is believed dates back to 1280-ish AD. We think that black, red & white are timeless colors, but also a bit sporty. This is why we choose the Club model of NOMOS. We had many and intense discussion if we should choose a ‘regular’ Club or a Campus… But for me personally I love the inverted California dial. It makes it even more fun and makes it stand out more. When we (re)design a watch, we want it to add value… It should compliment the current collection. And, for the record, we never ever would dare to say improve the original watch. That is a mission impossible. We just want to add a fun aspect… We believe that most buyers of this watch will either already have a Club or at least one NOMOS already.

What should I wear with this watch?

Whatever you like! I think it works well with both casual as well as more formal wear. Though for a really elegant occasion I’d probably wear my Orion de Stijl!

How many pieces will be available and where can I buy it?

We’ve had just 75 pieces made, which are all individually numbered on their case backs! There will not be more. It’s available in our boutiques and via

Can you describe Amsterdam in three words?

It is the smallest metropolitan city in the world. It is stunningly beautiful, and the people are laid back, open & fun. Okay, that was more than three words.

What is your favorite spot in Amsterdam?

A. Ooooh, good one. So many… If I had to choose one: Ace Photo Studio/Ace Online on the first floor of Koningsplein 1. Literally in the heart of Amsterdam, on the canal and the corner of the Flower Market. It does not get better than this. I can sit here all day and look out of the window! Stunning. We are so fortunate to have obtained this office space, after hunting it down since 1998!

Many thanks Alon for your time and answers!

More info about the watch: click here 😉

interview alon ben joseph nomos ace jewelers limited edition club amsterdam

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weltweit: Introducing Nomos Club Campus Amsterdam Limited Edition by Ace Jewelers by Monochrome

In ‘weltweit’ we keep track of interesting NOMOS articles posted around the web.

Yesterday Monochrome Watches posted an article on the NOMOS Club Campus Amsterdam for Ace Jewelers:

The main novelty for this Nomos Club Campus Amsterdam Limited Edition is to be found on the dial. While entirely black or silver-plated on standard versions, Ace Jewelers here add a splash of colour and a two-tone layout. Indeed, while the dial is galvanized and ruthenium-plated, the small seconds sub-dial is white silver-plated.

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weltweit: Introducing the Nomos Club Campus Amsterdam Limited Edition by SJX

In ‘weltweit’ we keep track of interesting NOMOS articles posted around the web.

Yesterday Watches by SJX posted an article on the NOMOS Club Campus Amsterdam for Ace Jewelers:

Dutch retailer Ace Jewelers has just unveiled its second Nomos exclusive, the Club Campus Amsterdam. Based on Nomos’ entry-level wristwatch conceived for fresh graduates, the Club Campus Amsterdam injects colour into the stock dial, but remains as cheerful and affordable as the original.

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press release: Ace Jewelers Club Campus Amsterdam

PRESS RELEASE: NOMOS Glashütte and Ace Jewelers introduce the Club Campus Amsterdam, a special watch limited to just 75 pieces worldwide.

Thursday, November 1st 2018 – Ace Jewelers has partnered with manufacturer NOMOS Glashütte to launch a limited edition watch dedicated to the city of Amsterdam: the Club Campus Amsterdam.The watch is limited to 75 pieces and exclusively available at Ace Jewelers boutiques and via

Ace x NOMOS Glashütte Club Campus Amsterdam

Ace Jewelers and NOMOS Glashütte have teamed up for the second time to create a limited edition wristwatch. The German manufacturer’s Club Campus Nacht got a unique make-over. The result is the Club Campus Amsterdam, a German watch with a good dash of Amsterdam. The NOMOS Club Campus Amsterdam has a stainless steel case of 38.5mm. The anthracite dial features a contrasting silver sub dial for the seconds at 6:00. The hour markers are done in red with a white outline, and the seconds hand is done in matching red. The colors are inspired by the iconic flag of Amsterdam, which waves proudly on countless places throughout the city. As a subtle reminder the crown is signed with the three Amsterdam crosses rather than the regular NOMOS.

Alon Ben Joseph, CEO of Ace Jewelers says: “Amsterdam is a creative and vibrant city where past, present, and future meet. In 1972 our father David Ben Joseph choose for Amsterdam to be his new home, and my brother and I are born and raised here. With the Club Campus Amsterdam we’re paying homage to the city that we call home and love”.

The Club Campus Amsterdam is powered by NOMOS’ hand-wound Alpha movement. This hand-wound movement is manufactured in-house and features a power reserve of 43 hours. Its Glashütte-style finishing can be admired via the see-through case back. The NOMOS Club Amsterdam is fitted with a grey velour strap.

Rob Nudds of NOMOS says: “I love Amsterdam and never miss an opportunity to visit this beautiful city. Of course I got very excited when Ace approached us with this idea for their second limited edition! It’s the first time we did one based on the Club Campus and I think the result is just stellar’.

The NOMOS Club Campus Amsterdam can be ordered via this link.

NOMOS Glashütte

Nomos was founded in 1990 by Roland Schwertner. Nomos is best known for its remarkable designs and superb mechanical movements at an accessible price point. Their very own design agency, Berlinerblau takes its inspiration from the influential design movements like Deutscher Werkbund and the famed Bauhaus school.

Ace Jewelers

The Ace Jewelers Group is owned and run by the Ben Joseph Family and consists of two physical boutiques and an international eBoutique. The boutiques, Ace & Dik Jewelers and Ace & Spyer Jewelers, are located in the center of Amsterdam in The Netherlands. Both have an extensive collection of high-end fine jewelry and premium watch brands, such as OMEGA, Tudor, IWC, Bulgari, Ulysse Nardin, Breitling, Parmigiani Fleurier, Royal Asscher and many more being proudly displayed. In 2008 Ace Jewelers launched the eBoutique which turned Ace into a pioneering omni-channel retailer. Ace Jewelers won the 2015, 2016 and 2017 Dutch eCommerce award for best eBoutique in its class.