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weltweit: FratelloWatches reviews the Ahoi Datum Atlantik

In ‘weltweit’ we keep track of NOMOS articles posted around the web.

Today, FratelloWatches‘ posted a review of the Ahoi Atlantik Datum by Balázs Ferenczi;

As I was lifting the green box out of the parcel for a second I thought I heard fanfares and a boy choir singing.  I also saw blinding yellow light shining out of the box lid. Instead, a group of 6 guys gathered around me and before I could even take a glance of it the Nomos was gone.

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featured image by FratelloWatches.

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weltweit: ABlogToWatch hands-on with the Ahoi Neomatik

In ‘weltweit’ we try to keep track of NOMOS articles posted around the web.

ABlogToWatch goes hands-on with the Ahoi Neomatik post-BaselWorld 2017.

There will be four dial colors on offer here. The first two will be familiar to readers – Silver and Atlantic Blue. But there’s also two new dial colors here called “Signalblau” and “Signalrot.” The former is a very bright, almost neon, blue; and the later is a very bright red. I like these two new colors very much. Under direct light, the new Signalblau and Signalrot almost look as if they are glowing, but under dimmer light conditions, they take on a darker more somber hue.

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