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press release: NOMOS Club Campus Cream Coral & Electric Green

Wow! These colors are ultramodern—as too, of course, are the watches: Club Campus cream coral and electric green—the four newest versions of GlashĂĽtte’s most youthful watch.

New colors in two sizes

Once again this spring, NOMOS Glashütte adds new watch faces to the successful Club Campus watch series. Their message: Don’t wait, be bold, don’t think twice!

GLASHÜTTE, MARCH 23, 2023. In a creamy muted orange and a pretty, sharp green, the NOMOS Glashütte manufactory is expanding its Club Campus model series for young people. The names of the new models are Club Campus cream coral and Club Campus electric green, each available in two sizes. The two colors are not only youthful, but also ultramodern—and can be worn by all people of all genders. As Andy Warhol once said: “Don’t think about making art, just get it done.” And accordingly, the motto for Campus this year is: If something feels right, trust yourself, don’t think twice! Because courage, spontaneity and freedom make life richer, and also because mistakes make you wiser.

Completely flawless and highly precise, the new Club Campus models operate with tried-and-true hand-wound calibers from the NOMOS manufactory in Glashütte. The sporty, robust case protects the movement through everything that young life and the years that follow will throw at it. The steel back offers space for a “tattoo”, that’s to say an engraving: parents, grandparents, loved ones and others gifting this watch (for a school or college graduation, for a new start, for life) can send their wishes, wisdoms and warnings, phone numbers or promises for the road ahead. Worn against the skin, these messages are sure to be well-received.

Both colors are available with diameters of 36 and 38.5 millimeters; the watches are water resistant to 10 atm—and available via as well as

Striking, bold, modern: Club Campus by NOMOS Glashütte in cream coral, shown here with the larger 38.5 millimeter diameter. The youthful Glashütte watch offers space on its steel back for a “tattoo,” an engraving, allowing gift-givers to send their wishes, wisdoms and warnings, phone numbers or promises for the road ahead. Worn against the skin, these messages are sure to be well-received.
Pretty and sharp in green, and ultramodern: Club Campus electric green by NOMOS GlashĂĽtte. The sporty, robust case protects the manufactory movement in everything that young life and the years that follow will throw at it.
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press release: NOMOS Club Sport 37

Hit models in polar and petrol

The demand was more than obvious. Now NOMOS GlashĂĽtte is expanding its Club series with two sporty models with a link bracelet and moderate diameter, and in new colors.

GLASHĂśTTE, OCTOBER 12, 2022. Club Sport neomatik polar, Club Sport neomatik petrol—the names of two new NOMOS watches the manufacture just unveiled at its annual Forum in GlashĂĽtte. These models feature everything that matters on your wrist. Not only are they made by hand in the GlashĂĽtte watchmaking tradition, precise and extremely reliable, but they are also robust and beautifully presented. The comfortable stainless steel case and link bracelet (polished and satinated) fuse seamlessly with each other, framing the beautiful sunburst finish of the dial. They tell of an athletic day-to-day, of a sense of style and of success.

The model is already available in blue and black, each with a 42-millimeter diameter. The two new watches measuring a moderate 37 millimeters are perfect for many wrists, both male and female. “Demand for Club Sport with this diameter was more than obvious,” says Sven Schönberger from NOMOS Product Management. “It simply fits the times.”

The new colors of the dial are strikingly beautiful. Polar blue and petrol green are not only refreshingly different and truly radiant with the luxurious NOMOS sunburst finish, they are also colors that harmonize while being full of character and vibrancy. On top of that, the luminescent numerals beneath the domed sapphire crystal are easy to read even at night or under water. And thanks to recessed hour numerals (which hold more luminescent material), the new NOMOS watches glow for a very long time.

It goes without saying that the two new Club models are no snowflakes: Club is the sportiest of the NOMOS watch families anyway; the new models are seawater-resistant up to 20 atm and equipped with a deployant clasp, making them the perfect watches for sports by and in the water—and more.

The energy these high-performance watches require to display the time is generated by even the tiniest movement of the wrist: the high-precision caliber, measuring an ultra-flat 3.2 millimeters in height (in-house DUW 3001 neomatik caliber) works efficiently; the rotor winds the caliber with movements in both directions.

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press release: NOMOS Glashütte unveils the new Club Campus U² watch

NOMOS  GlashĂĽtte once again takes the distinctive personality and life attitude of today’s young people as its creative blueprint, and launches the new Club Campus U² watch  (Ref. 738.S5)

NOMOS Glashütte introduces the new Club Campus U² watch  (Ref. 738.S5), continuing the contrasting dial design of the Club Campus U watch of 2021. Inspired by the distinctive personality and life attitude of the current young generation, it bears the hope for their future expectations and best wishes. Just like its predecessor, the watch is exclusively available on the Chinese market.

[May 2022, China] As the representative of sports and leisure in the NOMOS GlashĂĽtte watch series, Club, which came out in 2007, was designed by Berlin-based designer Karin Sieber. The exterior design is matched with the brand ’s hand-wound Alpha movement, which not only expresses youthful dynamism, but also gives it a timeless charm. In 2017, on the basis of the original design of the Club, NOMOS launched the Club Campus watch – the dial layout in a combination of Arabic numerals and Roman numerals, showing a relaxed and humorous attitude, plus a higher degree of recognition. The Club Campus, with its rich dial colors, different sizes and movement combinations, undoubtedly provides more choices for the younger generation.

Similar to the Club Campus U watch launched last year, NOMOS’ new Club Campus U² watch (Ref. 738.S5) is once again based on the distinctive personality and life attitude of today’s young people: U is “You” , implying a variety of personalities and different life stages of the self – is an ignorant but energetic freshman in the workplace, and a mature, stable, capable and firm social backbone; U also refers to “Unity”, which means the combination of different personalities, different The experience of the situation is the complete self and life. From the perspective of the NOMOS Berlin design team, the contrasting black and white design of the Club Campus U² watch (Ref. 738.S5) is an excellent interpretation of this point of view – the milkshake white main dial and the anthracite small seconds dial are independent of each other , and indispensable, the two combine to form a complete Club Campus U² watch (Ref. 738.S5), reflecting a balanced and subtle visual aesthetic.

 The case of the new watch is made of stainless steel and has a diameter of 38.5 mm. On the contrasting color dial, which combines a simple design and rich details, the hour markers composed of Arabic and Roman numerals outlined in gold serifs alternate with stick markers for the uneven hours. Like the golden hour and minute hands, they are covered with Superluminova fluorescent coating, which can read the time clearly in dim places. The watch is waterproof to a depth of 10 ATM (100 meters), which can easily cope with all kinds of activities. The matching dark suede leather strap infuses it with an elegant texture, suitable for daily commuting or other formal occasions. The Club Campus U² watch (Ref. 738.S5) is powered by the hand-wound Alpha movement made by NOMOS: a durable, precise and reliable movement. Through the sapphire crystal transparent caseback, you can admire its distinctive watchmaking features from Glashütte : a three-quarter plate, tempered blued steel screws and Glashütte stripe polishing.

Introverted or extroverted, reserved or enthusiastic, the young generation who are loyal to themselves and carry their dreams have unlimited possibilities. This youthful NOMOS Club Campus U² watch (Ref. 738.S5), which is full of expectations and blessings, will accompany them on a new journey towards a bright future.

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press release: Don’t Be Shy – new NOMOS Club Campus Deep Pink and Club Campus Blue Purple

GlashĂĽtte watches make a great gift: The NOMOS Club Campus series marks milestones, accomplishments and important occasions, and now comes in new versions with striking, youthful colors that can be combined in a wide variety of ways.

GLASHĂśTTE, MARCH 30, 2022. Vigor and joie de vivre radiate from two new watch models, which come in two sizes from NOMOS GlashĂĽtte, and released just in time to welcome Spring: Club Campus deep pink and Club Campus blue purple are more eye-catching, flashier and beg to be seen. And elevate your mood. In short: Typical of youth.

Both new colors are versatile: The deep pink not only goes well with dark blue, black, gray and white. But also – making it even more modern – with olive and other green tones, brown, red, purple and yellow. The blue purple not only combines well with cream and light gray tones, black and dark blue. It also goes well with orange, sunny yellow and bluish greens.

As with the Campus versions of past years, a mix of Roman and Arabic numerals display the time, and the watches are water resistant up to 100 meters, sporty and easy to read even in the dark. The highly precise NOMOS Alpha movement comes from the company’s own manufactory.

Great for gifts: On Campus models, the back can be custom-engraved by NOMOS. Immortalizing everything that deserves to or should be remembered: Milestones, wishes and compliments. From grandma to grandson (for university acceptance), uncle to their favorite niece, parents to their son who just received a PhD, neighbors as a thank-you for babysitting: Gift-givers have up to four lines to indelibly inscribe their bond with the recipient.

The NOMOS Club Campus series for the next generation of watch wearers has existed since 2017. It is the most successful series of mechanical wristwatches made in Germany available for young women and men. NOMOS GlashĂĽtte is one of the few owner-operated watch manufactories in the world, and creates its mechanical timepieces in GlashĂĽtte, Germany. Watch models such as the Tangente, Ludwig, Orion, Club or Metro are world-famous – just like the place where they are made. This is because “GlashĂĽtte” is a legally protected designation of origin. Only manufacturers who work according to strict rules in the 175-year-old tradition of the town are permitted to use it for their wristwatches. NOMOS GlashĂĽtte is the manufacturer that produces the most mechanical watches in GlashĂĽtte.

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press release: NOMOS Club Campus U

Translated from a Chinese original.

[May 2021, China] Introducing the NOMOS Club Campus U

The NOMOS Club Campus U is a Chinese-market exclusive based on th 38.5mm NOMOS Club Campus. But why the name Club Campus U? U is “You”, meaning different personalities of people. Just as each person has more than one character, either calm and quiet; or straightforward and bold, or reserved and introverted, the Club Campus U can show different sides in different situations. U is also “Unity”, meaning that the combination of different personalities is the complete self. The contrast dial design of the watch is independent but indispensable. It is the embodiment of U and Unity. The colors are combined to form a complete Club Campus U watch, dedicated to the energetic younger generation. Introverted or exuded, reserved or enthusiastic, every angle is full of vitality, young people with dreams have unlimited possibilities.

The NOMOS Club Campus U watch has an outstanding appearance, following the recognizable simplicity of NOMOS. The watch has a diameter of 38.5 mm, and the dial with a contrasting design is full of personality: the main dial is black, in sharp contrast with the white small seconds dial at 6 o’clock. The rose gold-plated hands, Arabic and Roman numerals are equipped with Superluminova fluorescent coating, which allows time to be read time also in dark places. The matching blue-black waterproof fabric strap gives the watch a dynamic and energetic atmosphere.

The NOMOS Club Campus U is water proof up to 10 ATM (100 meters), making it suitable for various water activities. The watch is powered by NOMOS self-made manual winding Alpha movement, and can be fitted with either a stainless steel or a sapphire crystal case back. Through the transparent bottom cover, you can also appreciate Glashütte’s distinctive watchmaking features: the three-quarters main plate, tempered blue steel screws, and Glashütte stripe polishing.