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press release: Tetra neomatik 175 Years Watchmaking Glashütte – Tetra but radically different

Going from the club to the office or vice versa? Sure thing. And a watch from the new limited edition series from NOMOS Glashütte will come along too. It is something for people who know their own mind. 

GLASHÜTTE, MAY 17, 2022. Color versions of the successful, square classic Tetra have long been available from NOMOS Glashütte. Until now, these were hand-wound watches in rather subtle shades. But now Tetra is stepping up its game: with Tetra neomatik – 175 Years Watchmaking Glashütte, the manufactory is striking new tones. The four models available this spring are not just flat, elegant automatic watches; they are also extravagant and a little idiosyncratic. These days, some would call them edgy.

Red, blue, black and off white are the new, very crisp colors of these watches. They are coated using a technique whose effect is comparable to that of enamel: incoming light is not absorbed by the opaque surfaces but instead reflected, creating depth. In terms of their shape and size, the new models are neither feminine nor masculine but—like other timepiece success stories—for everyone.

But that’s not to say they are actually for everyone. “The watches are bolder than sneakers with a jacket,” according to NOMOS product manager Heike Ahrendt. Be it a business coach or an NFT artist, a political newcomer or a YouTube star, a molecular researcher or an interior designer, with these watches, NOMOS Glashütte had in mind self-assured, modern people who do not follow the mainstream. “That might be surprising, but it’s only logical,” says Ahrendt. After all, even as a company, NOMOS Glashütte has always gone its own way.

The new NOMOS edition is limited to just 175 units each worldwide, as evidenced by the engraving on the back. Something NOMOS is celebrating with a gift: it comes with the beautiful NOMOS deployant clasp on a remborde strap (made of Horween Genuine Shell Cordovan, oiled by hand, struck with glass balls for shine). Likewise, this Tetra series was regulated according to chronometer values. As such, these new watches are at least as desirable as the hand-wound Tetra models. But nevertheless: fundamentally different and a clear step up.

The NOMOS Tetra neomatik 175 Years Watchmaking Glashütte is now available for pre-order in the Ace Jewelers eBoutique using the links below;

NOMOS Tetra neomatik 175 Years Watchmaking Glashütte Off-White 421.S1

NOMOS Tetra neomatik 175 Years Watchmaking Glashütte Red 421.S2

NOMOS Tetra neomatik 175 Years Watchmaking Glashütte Blue 421.S3

NOMOS Tetra neomatik 175 Years Watchmaking Glashütte Black 421.S4

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press release: NOMOS Tetra Symphony

GLASHÜTTE, FEBRUARY 2020. Ode to Joy, Immortal Beloved, Fidelio, Divine Spark: These are the names of the four new versions of Tetra, the classic square watch model from NOMOS Glashütte.

A multiple prizewinner and one of the most renowned mechanical watches “Made in Germany,” NOMOS Tetra is now available in four beautiful colors: copper for Tetra Götterfunken (Divine Spark), olive green for Tetra Ode an die Freude (Ode to Joy), turquoise for Tetra Unsterbliche Geliebte (Immortal Beloved), and dark blue for Tetra Fidelio. All four are powered by the NOMOS manual caliber Alpha, the tried-and-tested mechanical movement that powers many of the manual watches from NOMOS Glashütte. It can be seen at work through the sapphire crystal glass backs.

Together, they make for an exceptionally harmonious quartet. And their names? They pay tribute to a man that—like NOMOS and Glashütte—represents Made in Germany at its best, an obsession with quality, and timeless classics: Ludwig van Beethoven.

Fall 2020 will mark the 250th birthday of the renowned classical composer. That means that his compositions are even older than the watchmaking traditions of Glashütte, which will be celebrating their 175th anniversary this year. This is where NOMOS, one of only a handful of owner-operated watchmaking companies worldwide, crafts fine mechanical timepieces. German engineering skill, outstanding product design (in the traditions of Bauhaus and the Deutscher Werkbund), and above all Glashütte watchmaking craftsmanship—thanks to these three aspects, NOMOS watches are of the highest quality in every respect. To date, they have been awarded about 150 prizes for design, quality, and value-for-money.

Colorful Tetra series also enjoy a long tradition at NOMOS Glashütte: These women’s watches have been made in contemporary yet classic colors for many years. Only available for a limited time, they become desirable pieces of jewelry and collectors’ items.

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press release: A classic in color: Tetra plum

GLASHÜTTE, OCTOBER 2019. Introducing a brand-new timepiece from NOMOS Glashütte that is not afraid to make a statement: Tetra plum. It features a rich purple dial that pays tribute to nature’s bounty. After blossoming in springtime and ripening over a long, hot summer, by early fall the harvest is ready to be enjoyed—apples and apricots, cherries, peaches, pears, and, of course, plums. This appealing timepiece looks good enough to eat, with silver accents on the numerals, indexes, and hands adding a sophisticated touch.

Measuring 29.5 by 29.5 millimeters, Tetra plum has a character all of its own—and additional functionality. The eye-catching complication between twelve and one o’clock is a power reserve indicator, reminding the wearer when it is time to wind the watch. Tetra plum is powered by the hand-wound NOMOS caliber DUW 4301, which also features the NOMOS swing system—itself a fruit of many years of labor. This proprietary escapement is designed and developed in-house, which is an exceptional achievement in the watchmaking world. Having this technological capability allows NOMOS to ensure the quality of its calibers—and the reliability of its watches.

Tetra plum may be brand new, but the Tetra model from NOMOS Glashütte is a classic design. Known for its square case and angular typography, Tetra has been part of the NOMOS collection for over 25 years. It is incredibly thin for a mechanical watch, with lugs that are almost delicate—which is why they are doubled. The round sub-seconds dial adds a contrasting touch to the clean-cut corners found elsewhere in Tetra. The overall aesthetic is harmonious and modern, with a timeless elegance that suits a wide range of wrists. Tetra plum will be available at selected retailers from October.

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The Petit Four series

Caution: if you are hungry don’t read this article.

Baselworld 2018 Nomos novelties Petit Four series Minimatikal
For Baselworld 2018, Nomos just unveiled their new delicacies: The Petit Four series. The Nomos classic Tetra in 4 new colors: Tetra Pearl, Tetra Azure, Tetra Matcha and Tetra Grenadine.

Tetra Pearl

Baselworld 2018 Nomos novelties Petit Four series MinimatikalThe Tetra Pearl features golden hands, the finishing touch to its powdery pink dial. They are accompanied by indexes in violet; “if this Tetra were placed in the window of a Parisian pâtisserie, it would be long gone” – according to Nomos. The slender case is featured with a velour leather strap.

Tetra Azure

Baselworld 2018 Nomos novelties Petit Four series MinimatikalThe blue “azure” color of the dial is supposed to remind you of a clear summer sky. An ode to the beautiful days that should come soon in Europe. A very contemporary and poetic model that features green hands and grey indexes.

Tetra Matcha

Baselworld 2018 Nomos novelties Petit Four series MinimatikalTetra Matcha is undoubtedly eye-catching. The light green dial adds a fresh touch to the watch. The watch features silver hands and deep blue indexes.

Tetra Grenadine

Baselworld 2018 Nomos novelties Petit Four series MinimatikalTetra Grenadine is inspired by pomegranates. The fruity bold red color of the dial makes it a noticeable watch. The watch is dressed with dark red indexes and golden hands.

Baselworld 2018 Nomos novelties Petit Four series MinimatikalWithin the four new versions of the NOMOS classic Tetra: the NOMOS hand-wound caliber Alpha. The Alpha caliber is NOMOS Glashütte’s highly acclaimed classic. It was their first movement and the one that ticks inside Tangente, Ludwig, Tetra, Orion, Club and all the watches in their 33 series.

Without falling in the trap of cliché, the Petit Four series seem to target a female audience, even if their style is versatile. We have to admit that we found these watches very sweet. The colors are quite entertaining and, of course, it looks delicious. Maybe we would have appreciated a smaller size than the classic 29.5mm square Tetra that would better fit the name and the atmosphere of the collection. In the end, Nomos proved once again their limitless creativity with these fresh new limited editions.

Stay tuned for other Baselworld novelties and bon appétit!

Baselworld 2018 Nomos novelties Petit Four series Minimatikal

More details (Tetra Pearl)

stainless steel, bipartite
sapphire crystal glass back
sapphire crystal glass
size 29.5 mm x 29.5 mm
height 6.5 mm
weight 36 g
3 atm (splash-proof)
gold-plated, seconds hand dark red
Velour leather gray
lug width 18mm

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hands-on: the NOMOS Tetra Nachtijall

When Nomos lent us several watches to wear, I wanted to go with the most unconventional model. That’s why I chose the Tetra Nachtijall, a small and mysterious watch that I couldn’t wait to discover.


The Tetra collection is probably the edgiest collection from NOMOS thanks to its square case form. Sometimes square watches simply look and feel better on the wrist. According to Nomos “Tetra is a fine Glashütte timepiece: straightforward, clear, and perhaps rather independent-minded”. The collection is mostly known as the square version of Tangente, but its typography is not identical. The numerals on the Tetra are slightly elongated, and more narrow than on the Tangente.

Within the Tetra family, there are three variations:

– The Tetra Neomatik: extra large (33x33mm), extra thin, with the automatic caliber DUW 3001.
– The Tetra with manual winding: entirely classic available in 27.5×27.5mm or 29.5×29.5mm.
– The Tetra Berlin set: best-known their boldly colored dials.


The Tetra Berlin set was released in 2014. Every member of the Berlin set highlights a significant symbol of Berlin and has gold-plated hands. A nice tribute to the German capital, and home to Nomos’ in-house design studio, Berlinerblau.
Four different models are included in the Tetra Berlin Set:

  • The Tetra GOLDELSE, inspired by the golden statue crowning Berlin’s Victory Column.

Tetra Goldelse Nomos Minimatikal

  • The Tetra KLEENE, “little one” in Berliner dialect, with an eye-catching turquoise dial and the hand-wound caliber DUW 4301.

Tetra Kleene Nomos Minimatikal

  • The Tetra CLÄRCHEN, a tribute to the renowned Clärchens Ballhaus (dancing hall) in central Berlin – featuring an audacious billiard green colored dial.

Tetra Claerchen Nomos Minimatikal

  • Last but not least, the intriguing Tetra NACHTIJALL.

Tetra Nachtijall Nomos Minimatikal


In my opinion, the Tetra Nachtijall is the most poetic and mysterious watch of the Berlin set thanks to its deep midnight blue dial. The case size of the watch, a 29.5mm square, flatters small wrists.

However, I disagree with people saying that the watches in the Tetra Berlin set are the most feminine in the Nomos collection. I believe that a “small” square watch can also be a real statement piece for a man. Of course, the watch appears to be quite small comparing to the 40 to 44mm watches many men wear today, but the subtlety of this timepiece can be way more powerful than any other ostentatious, oversized watch. Sometimes, less is more.

Nomos Tetra Nachtijall Minimatikal
Nomos Tetra Nachtijall on Dale’s wrist

It is true that wearing a square watch is quite unusual. The sharpness of the case can be confusing at first. But the Tetra is incredibly thin and lightweight which makes it easy and comfortable to wear. The hands on the watch still move around in a circle; the Tetra functions the same way as a round watch would.The strap is soft and flexible and its neutral color creates a nice contrast with the deep blue dial. The Tetra Nachtijall adds a touch of originality to any outfit with its bold color and interesting form. Moreover, the gold hands and numerals make it easier to mix and match the watch with gold jewelry and accessories.

The Tetra Nachitjall is powered by the hand-wound Alpha movement- Nomos’ oldest caliber and most popular one. A short summary of the technical data: diameter 10½ lines, power reserve circa 43 hours. With stop-seconds mechanism, Glashütte three-quarter plate, Glashütte stopwork, Triovis fine adjustment regulator, and 17 jewels.

Tetra Nachtijall Nomos Minimatikal

One might wonder, where did the Tetra Nachtijall get its name? ‘Nachtijall’ translates to Nightingales in English. A Nightingale is a small passerine bird best known for its powerful and beautiful voice. The song of the nightingale has been described as one of the most beautiful sounds in nature, inspiring songs, fairy tales, opera, books, and a great deal of poetry. According to Nomos, there are more nightingales in Berlin than in any other city, as Berlin is on their migratory path.

Scientists from the Freie Universitat in Berlin discovered the mystery behind the nightingale’s beautiful song. Male birds sing complex notes to prove to females that they would be a good father to their children. Nomos has succeeded once again, in creating a seductive timepiece representing a perfect mix of traditional elements and modern design.


CASE stainless steel – bipartite – sapphire crystal glass – sapphire crystal glass back – fixed with four screws
WINDING manual
DIMENSIONS size 29.5 mm x 29.5 mm – height 6.5 mm – weight 36 g
WATER RESISTANCE 3 atm (splash-proof)
DIAL lacquered – blue
HANDS steel – gold-plated
STRAP Velour leather gray – lug width 18 mm
CALIBER Alpha – manual
DIAMETER 10 ½ lines (23.3 mm)
POWER RESERVE up to 43 hours

The Tetra NACHTIJALL is available for purchase at