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interview: Werner Aisslinger

» A beautiful design demands precise craftsmanship «

Werner Aisslinger is one of the best-known contemporary designers, whose often very artistic works are exhibited in museums worldwide. He recently collaborated with NOMOS Glashütte to create a new timepiece: Autobahn. It has now received the German Design Award in Gold.

Mr. Aisslinger, why do you think the German Design Award jury decided to bestow its highest honor on Autobahn?

When we were designing Autobahn, we wanted to create a watch that was “of the moment” and yet also a timeless, archetypal piece that couldn’t be pinned down to anyone decade. We took the design affinities of car enthusiasts and combined them with the tradition of NOMOS Glashütte to create a piece of art that could be worn every day on the wrist. I am extremely pleased that the German Design Award jury recognized our work and saw fit to award this prize.

This watch isn’t what we would normally expect from NOMOS Glashütte.

We felt that NOMOS Glashütte should speak to new customers. We really wanted to stretch the brand’s boundaries and try something new. There was a lot of experimentation before we finally got to the final product. But in the end, I believe it paid off: We have succeeded in generating fresh attention for the NOMOS brand without alienating loyal customers.

What are your favorite details about the design, and which of the three models do you wear?

One of the most striking details is the deep bowl-shaped dial, which is something that catches my eye every time. The curved edges are reminiscent of the Avus street circuit in 1960s Berlin—or of the fenders on vintage Mercedes Silver Arrows. That steep slope transitions seamlessly to the dial, a form that is echoed by the gentle curve in the sub-seconds. The dials themselves and the wide superluminova arc are also important, as well as the extended date window, which reminds me of the analog odometers on classic cars. Perhaps the most important aspect, however, is the ultra-precise manufacture of these watches. A beautiful design demands precise craftsmanship. I wear the model with the white silver-plated dial. Autobahn is truly my watch—for all times.

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press release: Good Design award for NOMOS Glashütte

NOMOS Glashütte has officially captured its sixth Good Design Award, a prestigious distinction initiated by the likes of Charles Eames—this time for the model Autobahn.

Glashütte/Berlin, January 2019. NOMOS Glashütte is pleased to join the winners circle for the oldest design prize in the world, the Good Design Award. The honor was bestowed on Autobahn. The internationally renowned product design award was established in 1950 by a group of designers that included Charles and Ray Eames. The award is presented to products that provide convincing solutions in their form, function, aesthetics, and quality.

Autobahn is one of the latest creations from NOMOS Glashütte, the automatic watch with a date display features clear forms, dynamic contours, and water-resistant performance to 100 meters. It is equipped with the most innovative movement from NOMOS to date, the neomatik caliber DUW 6101. With a thickness of just 3.6 millimeters, this slender movement concentrates an exceptional amount of expertise: 170 years of fine Glashütte watchmaking, meticulous German engineering, a generous dash of high-tech, and countless hours of craftsmanship.

Product designer Werner Aisslinger and partner Tina Bunyaprasit, the creative team behind Studio Aisslinger, designed the bold timepiece for NOMOS Glashütte in collaboration with the watchmaker’s own designers. Their work can be seen at exhibitions worldwide—from MoMA to the V&A and Vitra Design Museum. Inspired by daring racetrack designs, the dial immediately launches into a steep curve, which is echoed in the sub-seconds. The elongated date window shows a trio of dates at a glance: yesterday, today, tomorrow. It also features a quick-change date function; just a half turn of the crown in either direction moves the display one day forward or back. Aisslinger and Bunyaprasit were delighted to hear the news: “Designing a mechanical timepiece was such a rewarding project. And now it feels incredible to win a Good Design Award for it. The year is already off to a great start.”

For Autobahn this award makes three. Shortly after its launch in April 2018, the timepiece from NOMOS Glashütte received a Red Dot Award. In November 2018, the German Design Council, founded in 1953 by the German legislature, and a global parliament of good design ever since, awarded its highest honors to Autobahn with the Gold category. And for NOMOS Glashütte, the Good Design Award is becoming something of a tradition: First presented in 2011 for the model Zürich, the watchmaking company also received the award for Tangente date (2012), Ahoi (2013), Metro 38 (2014), and Minimatik (2015).

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press release: The NOMOS Advent Calendar

24 days of giving—with a new surprise each day

GLASHÜTTE, NOVEMBER 2018. The Advent Calendar from NOMOS Glashütte is a tradition in the making. Starting December 1, we will be holding our annual holiday giveaway—with gifts such as specialties from Glashütte that cannot be found in stores, things that NOMOS designers have created for other brands, exclusive getaways, watch accessories, and even timepieces. This roundup of gifts is designed to delight, and the total value tops that of previous years.

Everyone is welcome to participate, and not just once but 24 times in December. Winners will be selected at random and contacted shortly afterwards. From December 1, we will also be sharing links to our Advent Calendar every day on Instagram and Facebook. Or you can head straight to our website:

Please share this fun holiday tradition with your readers, followers, and friends—and good luck! We hope to be in touch with you shortly.

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editorial: interview with Stephan of ForASec

Interview with Stephan of ForASec Watches about the new limited edition: Nomos Club Campus Amsterdam

Past Saturday Stephan and his daughter Japke paid a visit to our offices in Amsterdam, where I had the prototype of the NOMOS Club Campus Amsterdam available for them to fiddle with. Stephan subsequently interviewed himself (not weird at all, really!) about the watch.

Stephan is the owner of ForASec Watches. With this company he offers an impressive portfolio of micro brands, including Margrette, Halios and Seals. Besides these smaller brands he also has a raging passion for the Omega Speedmaster Professional. His love for watches has spread well into the next generation, as witnessed by yours truly during this father-and-daughter visit.

Did you like the new Ace x Nomos watch?

S: Yes, I loved it on my wrist. Lots of stuff to look at and funny how the sub dial makes it stand out when looking at it from a distance. Would somehow love a red suede strap to go with it.

I already put it on a red alligator Stephan, and have a red tropic on order. Way ahead of you!

Any particular features that stood out?

S: Yes. As said that subdial and let’s not forget the movement! I love hand winders because they show more of the movement than automatics. The finishing is really outstanding! My daughter loved the three X’s on the crown. Quirky details like that are appreciated.

Will you get one?

S: Tempted but still thinking on how to explain the wife that our teenager goes to school wearing this.

Any final words?

S; Outstanding collaboration that combines two of your passions. Nomos and Ace for me combine well. Both versatile, committed, a little bit nerdy but most of all passionate.

You should make a sticker.

Oh, wait…..

Follow Stephan on Instagram and make sure to pay his website a visit!

Thank you Stephan and Japke!

The Club Campus Amsterdam is available in our boutiques, on and right here on Minimatikal.

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editorial: Interview with Dale Vito

Interview Dale vito Nomos Club Campus Amsterdam Limited Edition Ace Jewelers

Interview with Dale from Ace Jewelers about the new limited edition: Nomos Club Campus Amsterdam

Dale took time to share a cup of coffee and answer some questions about the new released limited edition: Ace x Nomos Club Campus Amsterdam.

He has been with Ace Jewelers since 2012 and spends his time at the Ace Online offices. Besides watches he likes cycling, and on a good day you might even catch him riding his bike from Amersfoort to Amsterdam and back. 

Interview Dale vito Nomos Club Campus Amsterdam Limited Edition Ace Jewelers

How did NOMOS come on your radar?

D: It must’ve been around 2004-2005, when I was endlessly browsing forums such as WatchUSeek and TimeZone. The first time I really took notice was with the release of the Tangomat.

Interview Dale vito Nomos Club Campus Amsterdam Limited Edition Ace Jewelers

What do you like about NOMOS?

D: Over the years I’ve come to appreciate the signature NOMOS style, and approach to manufacturing more and more. I like how they stick to a certain look and feel. You either love it or hate it, but you know a NOMOS when you see one! Since working with them I’ve also come to love the kindness of the people and their down-to-earth attitude. No wild champagne-showered parties, no polo matches, no flashy ambassadors – just watches.

You already unveiled a first limited edition with NOMOS in 2017, celebrating the 100 Years of de Stijl. How has it been received?

D: I’d say pretty well! It was the first time we embarked on a project like this, so it really was a big experiment for us. We knew the Orion de Stijl wouldn’t be for everyone, but it sold well and we got a lot of good press and reactions from around the world.

Interview Dale vito Nomos Club Campus Amsterdam Limited Edition Ace Jewelers

What made you interested in working on a second Limited Edition and what is special about it?

D: We had great fun with the Orion de Stijl, and at the same time we learned a lot. The fact that this watch was unique to us meant that we really had to market it ourselves. In the run-up Alon and I bugged them with a crazy amount of designs, concepts and ideas. I think we were both happy to be allowed to bring another one to fruition!

I think the best part is that it is the first limited edition based on the Club Campus that NOMOS has done. The contrasting sub dial and red numerals really give it a unique look – yet it is still 100% NOMOS.

Why a Club Campus?

D: It is well-published that the Club is my favorite NOMOS. It is classic with a funky twist. I like the robust and sturdy case, and highly appreciate its 100m water resistance. The fact that it is one of the most affordable models doesn’t hurt either…

What was the inspiration during the designing process?

D: As I said earlier, we made up a huge number of different designs. Some of them were quite out there! But black-red-white color scheme based on the Amsterdam city shield was something we kept getting back to. It’s a classic combination. It also works well on many models and hopefully we’ll be given the opportunity to do another NOMOS with these colors in the future.

Interview Dale vito Nomos Club Campus Amsterdam Limited Edition Ace Jewelers

What should I wear with this watch?

I’d love to see what people come up with in terms of straps. I’ve tried a few already but can’t wait to see more.  I’m looking forward the most to wearing mine on a beach with swimming trunks, on either a rubber or canvas strap.

How many pieces will be available and where can I buy it?

It’s made as a limited edition of 75 pieces. It is available in our boutiques, on and right here on Minimatikal.

Can you describe Amsterdam in three words?

Beautiful – When – Sunny

Or alternatively;

Terrible – For – Cycling (when clipped-in on a road bike that is)

What is your favorite spot in Amsterdam?

D: I’d love a top 10 Strava notation on the Plantage Middenlaan segment. But I’d need to shave off about 6 seconds!

Many thanks Dale for your time and answers!

More info about the watch: click here 😉