watch service

After a few years—generally five—every mechanical watch should be completely cleaned and inspected. What does this mean when done at NOMOS?

Complete service

After a few years -normally about five- every mechanical watch is up for a service. When done at NOMOS, their watchmakers carry out the following tasks: a complete disassembly of the watch, ultrasonic cleansing of all components in special cleaning fluids, exchange of worn parts, reassembly of the caliber, fine timing check and, if necessary, correction of all functions, adjustment in six positions, complete refurbishment of the case in several steps, replacement of the crown, winding stem, gaskets, and case tube if required, restoration of waterproofing, and a final check lasting several days.

It’s helpful to know that parts replaced because of normal wear and tear are included in the cost of a complete service. But if the watch is no longer ticking because of external damage, NOMOS may have to replace additional parts. They will charge extra for these—but, of course, will notify you about it beforehand.

Minor repairs

If your watch is less than three years old and not running properly, NOMOS carries out what they call minor repairs. A complete service is not necessary after such a short time. In this case, the watchmakers carry out the following tasks: a check and correction of all functions, inspection of the caliber and all its parts, replacement of defective parts, fine adjustment in six positions, restoration of waterproofing, and a final check lasting several days.

Again, when damage has been caused by external factors, NOMOS will probaby charge extra for spare parts. If applicable in your case, NOMOS will, of course, notify you beforehand.

Refurbishing a case

A knock, bump, or fall can scratch even stainless steel and leave a trace on our watches’ robust cases—or even affect their waterproofing. To repair the damage to the case, or at least greatly reduce traces of use, the following procedures are carried out: a cleaning of the case, several stages of grinding and polishing, straightening the case horns if necessary, and restoring the waterproofing.


The price of a complete service depends on the movement that’s in your watch. At the time of writing this page, it goes from a little over 200 EUR for the Alpha movement up about double that for the DUW 5201 / Xi. Minor repairs are about 1/3 of that. Postage is not included. For the Lux and Lambda individual cost assessments are made.


All the services carried out by NOMOS are guaranteed for two years. Waterproofing has a one-year guarantee. Problems resulting from improper treatment of the watch are excluded from the warranty.

Where and how?

If your NOMOS watch is in need of a service, you can contact either your local authorized dealer or get in touch with NOMOS directly. Minimatikal is owned and operated by Ace Jewelers, and we’ll be happy to help you out if you’re in Amsterdam / the Netherlands.

Much of the above is based on NOMOS Price list for service in Euro valid from March 1, 2017