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press release: Tetra neomatik 175 Years Watchmaking Glash├╝tte – Tetra but radically different

Going from the club to the office or vice versa? Sure thing. And a watch from the new limited edition series from NOMOS Glash├╝tte will come along too. It is something for people who know their own mind. 

GLASH├ťTTE, MAY 17, 2022. Color versions of the successful, square classic Tetra have long been available from NOMOS Glash├╝tte. Until now, these were hand-wound watches in rather subtle shades. But now Tetra is stepping up its game: with Tetra neomatik ÔÇô 175 Years Watchmaking Glash├╝tte, the manufactory is striking new tones. The four models available this spring are not just flat, elegant automatic watches; they are also extravagant and a little idiosyncratic. These days, some would call them edgy.

Red, blue, black and off white are the new, very crisp colors of these watches. They are coated using a technique whose effect is comparable to that of enamel: incoming light is not absorbed by the opaque surfaces but instead reflected, creating depth. In terms of their shape and size, the new models are neither feminine nor masculine butÔÇölike other timepiece success storiesÔÇöfor everyone.

But thatÔÇÖs not to say they are actually for everyone. ÔÇťThe watches are bolder than sneakers with a jacket,ÔÇŁ according to NOMOS product manager Heike Ahrendt. Be it a business coach or an NFT artist, a political newcomer or a YouTube star, a molecular researcher or an interior designer, with these watches, NOMOS Glash├╝tte had in mind self-assured, modern people who do not follow the mainstream. ÔÇťThat might be surprising, but itÔÇÖs only logical,ÔÇŁ says Ahrendt. After all, even as a company, NOMOS Glash├╝tte has always gone its own way.

The new NOMOS edition is limited to just 175 units each worldwide, as evidenced by the engraving on the back. Something NOMOS is celebrating with a gift: it comes with the beautiful NOMOS deployant clasp on a remborde strap (made of Horween Genuine Shell Cordovan, oiled by hand, struck with glass balls for shine). Likewise, this Tetra series was regulated according to chronometer values. As such, these new watches are at least as desirable as the hand-wound Tetra models. But nevertheless: fundamentally different and a clear step up.

The NOMOS Tetra neomatik 175 Years Watchmaking Glash├╝tte is now available for pre-order in the Ace Jewelers eBoutique using the links below;

NOMOS Tetra neomatik 175 Years Watchmaking Glash├╝tte Off-White 421.S1

NOMOS Tetra neomatik 175 Years Watchmaking Glash├╝tte Red 421.S2

NOMOS Tetra neomatik 175 Years Watchmaking Glash├╝tte Blue 421.S3

NOMOS Tetra neomatik 175 Years Watchmaking Glash├╝tte Black 421.S4

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press release: Don’t Be Shy – new NOMOS Club Campus Deep Pink and Club Campus Blue Purple

Glash├╝tte watches make a great gift: The NOMOS Club Campus series marks milestones, accomplishments and important occasions, and now comes in new versions with striking, youthful colors that can be combined in a wide variety of ways.

GLASH├ťTTE, MARCH 30, 2022. Vigor and joie de vivre radiate from two new watch models, which come in two sizes from NOMOS Glash├╝tte, and released just in time to welcome Spring: Club Campus deep pink and Club Campus blue purple are more eye-catching, flashier and beg to be seen. And elevate your mood. In short: Typical of youth.

Both new colors are versatile: The deep pink not only goes well with dark blue, black, gray and white. But also ÔÇô making it even more modern ÔÇô with olive and other green tones, brown, red, purple and yellow. The blue purple not only combines well with cream and light gray tones, black and dark blue. It also goes well with orange, sunny yellow and bluish greens.

As with the Campus versions of past years, a mix of Roman and Arabic numerals display the time, and the watches are water resistant up to 100 meters, sporty and easy to read even in the dark. The highly precise NOMOS Alpha movement comes from the companyÔÇÖs own manufactory.

Great for gifts: On Campus models, the back can be custom-engraved by NOMOS. Immortalizing everything that deserves to or should be remembered: Milestones, wishes and compliments. From grandma to grandson (for university acceptance), uncle to their favorite niece, parents to their son who just received a PhD, neighbors as a thank-you for babysitting: Gift-givers have up to four lines to indelibly inscribe their bond with the recipient.

The NOMOS Club Campus series for the next generation of watch wearers has existed since 2017. It is the most successful series of mechanical wristwatches made in Germany available for young women and men. NOMOS Glash├╝tte is one of the few owner-operated watch manufactories in the world, and creates its mechanical timepieces in Glash├╝tte, Germany. Watch models such as the Tangente, Ludwig, Orion, Club or Metro are world-famous ÔÇô just like the place where they are made. This is because ÔÇťGlash├╝tteÔÇŁ is a legally protected designation of origin. Only manufacturers who work according to strict rules in the 175-year-old tradition of the town are permitted to use it for their wristwatches. NOMOS Glash├╝tte is the manufacturer that produces the most mechanical watches in Glash├╝tte.

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press release: More Cool, More Style! NOMOS Tangente neomatik platinum gray

More Cool, More Style!

NOMOS classic Tangente neomatik: Now available in platinum grayÔÇöin two sizes

GLASH├ťTTE, FEBRUARY 2022. Graceful Arabic numerals, a slender bezel, a coin-shaped steel caseÔÇöa flat cylinder with straight sides, topped by smooth sapphire crystal glass. Tangente is the most successful watch by NOMOS Glash├╝tte, an icon, and one of the most famous wristwatches made in Germany. Tangente neomatik platinum gray adds a new look to this watch series, becoming the pinnacle of cool elegance.

Three watches with a metallic dial released within the space of a few weeks: NOMOS Glash├╝tte ended 2021 with gold and silver watches, and now there is Tangente platinum gray. The dial is plated with rhodium, a platinum metal which provides the striking gray hue. Rhodium-plated, needle-thin hands accentuate the harmonious design and are visible at a glance. As is so often the case with NOMOS Glash├╝tte, this design is gender-neutral, size being the only difference. Tangente neomatik platinum gray is available in diameters of 35 and 39 millimeters.  

The delicate, golden neomatik lettering under the manufacture’s signet enhances the  brilliance of the platinum gray dial and refers to the work of the watchmakers and engineers: the in-house automatic caliber DUW 3001 is not merely precise, it is also very slender. The word neomatik, new automatic, accentuates this distinctive feature. If you choose the sapphire crystal glass back, you can observe the bidirectional winding rotor and the finely decorated movement in operation. For the first time ever, Tangente neomatik is now also available with a steel backÔÇömaking the watch more affordable.

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ÔÇťHighest QualityÔÇŁ Seal Awarded to NOMOS Glash├╝tte

Benchmark: NOMOS Glash├╝tte prevails over more than 80 other watch manufacturers, receiving the ÔÇťHighest QualityÔÇŁ seal from the Institute for Management and Economic Research (IMWF) and F.A.Z.-Institute. The NOMOS Tangente modelÔÇöpictured here, the Tangente neomatik 39 versionÔÇöhas been one of the most well-known watches made in Germany for decades.

ÔÇťHighest QualityÔÇŁ Seal Awarded to NOMOS Glash├╝tte

Clearly Number One: NOMOS Glash├╝tte prevails over more than 80 other watchmakers, becoming the best in the industry, ahead of Omega and Rolex. 

GLASH├ťTTE, JANUARY 2022. NOMOS Glash├╝tte was the clear winner in the competitive comparisons conducted by IMWF Institute for Management and Economic Research and F.A.Z.-Institute. Product and Service, Availability, Customer Satisfaction, Innovation and Quality: In nearly all categories of the ÔÇťHighest Quality 2021ÔÇŁ study, ÔÇťNOMOS Glash├╝tte emerges as the industry winner and clearly occupies 1st place,ÔÇŁ according to the study.

NOMOS Glash├╝tte received 100 points, Omega 77.6 points, and Rolex 74.6.  The researchers did not find any information concerning NOMOS Glash├╝tte’s environmental sustainability efforts on the internet, which the manufacturer will have to communicate more effectively in the future. Handmade products which last a lifetime are produced onsite in Glash├╝tte using fairly-sourced raw materials which are ÔÇťalready inherently very sustainable,ÔÇŁ says Judith Borowski, the NOMOS manager responsible for sustainability. Judith is currently participating with the company in a comprehensive project with the Department of the Environment.

The ÔÇťHighest Quality 2021ÔÇŁ study, which analyzes every conceivable aspect of quality, is probably one of the largest and most extensive of its kind. Over the course of twelve months, 438 million online sourcesÔÇöincluding 154 million blogs, four million news sites, a million press releases, and several million social media postsÔÇöare collated and analyzed using artificial intelligence and social listening tools. After all, quality has long been one of the crucial factors when making a purchasing decision. Comprehensive quality assurance and quality certificates, along with more quality information, builds trust in products and brands. In addition to the online analysis on the work of over 22,000 companies, as described above, extensive questionnaires were also evaluated as part of the ÔÇťHighest Quality 2021ÔÇŁ study.

The IMWF Institute for Management and Economic Research, commissioned by the F.A.Z.-Institute to conduct the study, has the task of bridging the gap between science and business. In the wake of digitalization, the Hamburg-based institute has established itself as a laboratory for big data and artificial intelligence projects. The F.A.Z.-Institute has stood for relevant information and professional recognition for 30 years. Judith Borowski: ÔÇťItÔÇÖs also the distinction of these responsible organizations which makes this study so valuable to consumers. And for us, too.ÔÇŁ

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press release: The NOMOS Advent Calendar is back for 2021!

Timepieces until Christmas Eve: This year, each open door reveals more valuable gifts than ever before. Five hand-made watches from NOMOS Glash├╝tte are among them.

GLASH├ťTTE DURING ADVENT 2021.┬áMade for counting down the days, shortening the time until the celebrations begin and spreading festive cheer: The Advent calendar. Whereas early versions of this ÔÇťclockÔÇŁ consisted of being allowed to place a single straw stalk in the manger each day or to wipe away one of 24 chalk lines, modern Advent calendars provide a true glimpse of celebrations to come: A little gift each day.┬á

This year, NOMOS Glashütte is particularly lavish. Behind the 24 doors even more watches and other valuable gifts bide their time. In addition to our own hand-made products, there are cases and bracelets, bags and other leather goods, writing utensils, and design classics. 

And everyone gets to open the NOMOS doors each day: From December 1, simply register, click, and win at the NOMOS website. Chances of winning the gift of the day have been exceptionally favorable in previous yearsÔÇöso itÔÇÖs worth joining in this year as well. However, only heaven knows the winner, i.e. a Christmas angel at watchmaker NOMOS Glash├╝tteÔÇöalso a horologist by dayÔÇöusing a random generator.