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press release: Horween Shell Cordovan, the best leather you can find

Horween Genuine Shell Cordovan, one of the finest leathers in the world, is used to make the exclusive watchstraps from NOMOS Glash├╝tte. And this leather has a secret: It is made from very specific, dense parts of the hide that protect the horse from flies.

GLASH├ťTTE, SEPTEMBER 2022. This leather is like the watch it fastens: Made patiently following old traditionsÔÇöby people who love their craft. The resulting products belong to those rare items which, as they change in time, only get better: The colors deepen; sun and wear alter the materialÔÇöa beautiful metamorphosis. This leather is made by a tannery in Chicago: The Horween Leather Company.

Straps made from Genuine Shell Cordovan, as this leather is called, are only found on watches from NOMOS Glash├╝tte. It is true that other manufacturers use equine leather as well, but only NOMOS Glash├╝tte uses the finest, most supple, and durable part of the hide; two small ovals, the existence and distinctive quality of which only few people are aware. Two thick, smooth, shell-shaped parts located to the right and left on the rump above the tail. The leather shells are smallÔÇösome just the size of a palm or two, others slightly larger, and they are thick because the parts are located in the horseÔÇÖs ÔÇťblind spotÔÇŁ: An area the horse canÔÇÖt reach with its tail or teeth to get rid of pesky flies. The hide is thicker there to prevent the flies from being a nuisance.

Horsehide is rare, because horses themselves are becoming rare as machines have largely replaced workhorses. The animals are not raised for their hideÔÇöno horse dies for this purpose. This makes the Horween tannery in Chicago the last of its kind. A world-famous family-owned company, established in 1905. They also make the leather used in the footballs of the National Football League (NFL) and basketballs of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

Artisans scrape and cut the hides by hand at the workshop in Chicago. The leather is then vegetable tanned, air-dried on glass frames, curried with bark dyes and oils and burnished with heavy rollers. Afterward it is stored to allow the oils to penetrate and darken the hide. The process is elaborate, requiring over a hundred individual steps and at least six months to complete. Today, things are done much as they were 120 years ago. But patience pays off: This smooth, yet robust leather yields straps for watches which bring joy to their wearers for years and years.

NOMOS luxury, artisanal from start to finish: The watch model Lambda. Prominent: The sophisticated fine movement with its rubies and hand-engraved balance cock. And the beautiful brown strap made from Horween Genuine Shell Cordovan: Remborde and cushioned, fitted with the specially designed gold NOMOS clasp.
The more they age and the longer you wear them, the more beautiful they become: NOMOS straps made from Horween Genuine Shell Cordovan. Once tanned, the Cordovan is cut, keeping only the best part of the equine leather to serve as straps for NOMOS watches: Small, shell-shaped patches taken from the horseÔÇÖs rump, above the tail. The hide there is especially supple, durable and water-resistant. 
The shells: These oval patches consist of leather that is thick enough to prevent pesky flies from annoying the animal. This is made necessary because the horse is unable to brush them away from this area above its tail.
Quality assurance: Done in person, with each detail subject to scrutinyÔÇösuch as the stitching on the NOMOS straps made from Horween Genuine Shell Cordovan. However, the NOMOS straps are not stitched in the USA, but in Bavaria. Photo: Fluco.
ItÔÇÖs the overall impression that countsÔÇöand for watches, that includes the strap. Watch model Metro neomatik midnight blue by NOMOS Glash├╝tte with a strap made from Horween Genuine Shell Cordovan, dyed, oiled and burnished by hand.
A remborde strap made from Horween Genuine Shell Cordovan with a steel clasp: perfect for a NOMOS watch. This leather is made in Chicago with oils, bark and plant extracts using time-honored techniques. An effort on par with the work involved to make a NOMOS Glash├╝tte watch.
In brown and black with a gold NOMOS clasp: Cushioned and remborde straps made from Horween Genuine Shell Cordovan, arguably the finest equine leather in the world. The remborde technique closes the strap edges seamlessly, protecting against water, oil and perfume. Straps like these are exclusive to NOMOS Glash├╝tte watches.
At the Horween Leather Company in Chicago: The shells are ready to be processed. A few other manufacturers use equine leather as well. But NOMOS Glash├╝tte is the only one to reserve the best part of the hide, that small area above the tail, for its straps. The hide there is especially dense and of high qualityÔÇömaking the straps particularly durable. By the way: No animal is deprived of its life for its hide.
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press release: NOMOS watch swims with scientist from the Alps to the North Sea

1,235 kilometers (768 miles) in 25 days: Two SaxonsÔÇöan extreme swimmer and his NOMOS manufacture watch, AhoiÔÇöswim the Rhine from its source to its estuary. In the name of scienceÔÇöand quick to boot.

GLASH├ťTTE, JULY 2022. He swam from Corsica to Sardinia, from Europe to Africa, and now Dr. Joseph He├č, project leader at Chemnitz University of Technology, swam the longest river in Germany, the Rhine. It took him 25 days to swim the 1,235 kilometers (768 miles) from its source in the Alps to its estuary in the North Sea; passing through Constance, Basel, Karlsruhe, Wiesbaden, Bonn, Dusseldorf and RotterdamÔÇöbetween 28 and 75 kilometers (17 and 47 miles) each day. And with him the entire time: Ahoi Atlantic from NOMOS Glash├╝tte. 

ÔÇťThe key factors for me were the comfort and the weight. Even after more than twelve hours in the water, the watch still felt great to wear, and it was light enough to not affect my swimming style over such a long period. IÔÇÖm amazed that something so beautiful and graceful can withstand such a battering without it leaving a trace. You can rely on Ahoi even in extremely strenuous situations,ÔÇŁ raves the swimmer. ÔÇťWhen you emerge from the Rhine, worn out, the Glash├╝tte watch makes a stylish statement.ÔÇŁ

The project He├č is swimming for is Swim4Science, which aims to make various projects and research by colleges and universities in Germany accessible to the public. For example, those on water quality. The river is a mirror of the people who live along it, say researchers. The water reveals whether pesticides are used in the fields and what medications are in use. But questions of physical exertion and how to deal with stressful situations were also investigated along the way. He├č did not notice very much from the riverbank: ÔÇťItÔÇÖs a lonely sport because you donÔÇÖt hear or see anything.ÔÇŁ Shipping traffic, cold, heat, enormous calorie consumption, faulty escort boats, and currents were also challenges that the native of Chemnitz had to overcome. However, He├č and his NOMOS watch were not the first to swim the length of the Rhine. In 1969, Klaus Pechstein conquered the river in this manner over the course of 30 days.

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press release: the renewed NOMOS Ahoi Atlantik

New watches for all occasions

Not only can the new Ahoi Atlantic swim, but it can also join you at the office or adorn your wrist at the gallery opening; it is an all-rounder, capable of everything all at once. The 24/7 watch from NOMOS Glash├╝tte is now available in three versions.

GLASH├ťTTE, 23. JUNE 2022.┬áClear and refreshing design for all occasions: The three versions of the new Ahoi Atlantic, which NOMOS Glash├╝tte is releasing just in time for summer, never have to leave the wrist. These watches are attractive and elegant on the wrist 24/7, and also robust. Timepieces that can be worn on all occasions, for people who have packed schedules and many responsibilities.┬á

Now all you need is the wind in your sails. Stainless steel, sapphire crystal glass, and the screw-down crown, protected on both sides, make AHoi Atlantic a versatile sports watch.

Sports watches come in all shapes and sizes. Classic watch models are a dime a dozen. But watches that compellingly unite the two are few and far between. A typical feature of NOMOS watches has always been that they can be worn to work or any social occasion, day in and day out; Ahoi Atlantic now adds the sporty aspect.

Bright white on dark blue – the dial of the sporty Ahoi neomatik Atlantic is designed with crisp colors and is easy to read. Numerals, hands and indexes illuminate green.

Ahoi Atlantic, Ahoi date Atlantic and Ahoi neomatik Atlantic are the full names of these watches. They are waterproofÔÇöup to 200 meters. While the first two are driven by the in-house DUW 5001 caliber and DUW 5101 date movement in a slightly larger case, the smaller Ahoi neomatik Atlantic runs on the new, particularly slim automatic technology from NOMOS Glash├╝tte. All three feature a textile strap which is woven specially for NOMOS Glash├╝tte in France.┬á

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press release: NOMOS Glash├╝tte unveils the new Club Campus U┬▓ watch

NOMOS┬á┬áGlash├╝tte once again takes the distinctive personality and life attitude of today’s young people as its creative blueprint, and launches the new Club Campus U┬▓┬áwatch┬á┬á(Ref. 738.S5)

NOMOS Glashütte introduces the new Club Campus U² watch  (Ref. 738.S5), continuing the contrasting dial design of the Club Campus U watch of 2021. Inspired by the distinctive personality and life attitude of the current young generation, it bears the hope for their future expectations and best wishes. Just like its predecessor, the watch is exclusively available on the Chinese market.

[May 2022, China] As the representative of sports and leisure in the NOMOS Glash├╝tte watch series, Club, which came out in 2007, was designed by Berlin-based designer Karin Sieber. The┬áexterior design is matched with the brand ÔÇÖs hand-wound Alpha┬ámovement, which not only┬áexpresses youthful dynamism, but also gives it a timeless charm.┬áIn 2017, on the basis of the original design of the Club, NOMOS launched the Club Campus watch – the dial layout in a combination of Arabic numerals and Roman numerals, showing a relaxed and humorous attitude, plus a higher degree of recognition. The Club Campus, with its rich dial colors, different sizes and movement combinations, undoubtedly provides more choices for the younger generation.

Similar to the Club Campus U watch launched last year, NOMOS’ new Club Campus U┬▓ watch (Ref. 738.S5) is once again based on the distinctive personality and life attitude of today’s young people: U is “You” , implying a variety of personalities and different life stages of the self – is an ignorant but energetic freshman in the workplace, and a mature, stable, capable and firm social backbone; U also refers to “Unity”, which means the combination of different personalities, different The experience of the situation is the complete self and life.┬áFrom the perspective of the NOMOS Berlin design team, the contrasting black and white design of the Club Campus U┬▓ watch (Ref. 738.S5) is an excellent interpretation of this point of view – the milkshake white main dial and the anthracite small seconds dial are independent of each other , and indispensable, the two combine to form a complete Club Campus U┬▓ watch (Ref. 738.S5), reflecting a balanced and subtle visual aesthetic.

 The case of the new watch is made of stainless steel and has a diameter of 38.5 mm. On the contrasting color dial, which combines a simple design and rich details, the hour markers composed of Arabic and Roman numerals outlined in gold serifs alternate with stick markers for the uneven hours. Like the golden hour and minute hands, they are covered with Superluminova fluorescent coating, which can read the time clearly in dim places. The watch is waterproof to a depth of 10 ATM (100 meters), which can easily cope with all kinds of activities. The matching dark suede leather strap infuses it with an elegant texture, suitable for daily commuting or other formal occasions. The Club Campus U² watch (Ref. 738.S5) is powered by the hand-wound Alpha movement made by NOMOS: a durable, precise and reliable movement. Through the sapphire crystal transparent caseback, you can admire its distinctive watchmaking features from Glashütte : a three-quarter plate, tempered blued steel screws and Glashütte stripe polishing.

Introverted or extroverted, reserved or enthusiastic, the young generation who are loyal to themselves and carry their dreams have unlimited possibilities. This youthful NOMOS Club Campus U² watch (Ref. 738.S5), which is full of expectations and blessings, will accompany them on a new journey towards a bright future.

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press release: Tetra neomatik 175 Years Watchmaking Glash├╝tte – Tetra but radically different

Going from the club to the office or vice versa? Sure thing. And a watch from the new limited edition series from NOMOS Glash├╝tte will come along too. It is something for people who know their own mind. 

GLASH├ťTTE, MAY 17, 2022. Color versions of the successful, square classic Tetra have long been available from NOMOS Glash├╝tte. Until now, these were hand-wound watches in rather subtle shades. But now Tetra is stepping up its game: with Tetra neomatik ÔÇô 175 Years Watchmaking Glash├╝tte, the manufactory is striking new tones. The four models available this spring are not just flat, elegant automatic watches; they are also extravagant and a little idiosyncratic. These days, some would call them edgy.

Red, blue, black and off white are the new, very crisp colors of these watches. They are coated using a technique whose effect is comparable to that of enamel: incoming light is not absorbed by the opaque surfaces but instead reflected, creating depth. In terms of their shape and size, the new models are neither feminine nor masculine butÔÇölike other timepiece success storiesÔÇöfor everyone.

But thatÔÇÖs not to say they are actually for everyone. ÔÇťThe watches are bolder than sneakers with a jacket,ÔÇŁ according to NOMOS product manager Heike Ahrendt. Be it a business coach or an NFT artist, a political newcomer or a YouTube star, a molecular researcher or an interior designer, with these watches, NOMOS Glash├╝tte had in mind self-assured, modern people who do not follow the mainstream. ÔÇťThat might be surprising, but itÔÇÖs only logical,ÔÇŁ says Ahrendt. After all, even as a company, NOMOS Glash├╝tte has always gone its own way.

The new NOMOS edition is limited to just 175 units each worldwide, as evidenced by the engraving on the back. Something NOMOS is celebrating with a gift: it comes with the beautiful NOMOS deployant clasp on a remborde strap (made of Horween Genuine Shell Cordovan, oiled by hand, struck with glass balls for shine). Likewise, this Tetra series was regulated according to chronometer values. As such, these new watches are at least as desirable as the hand-wound Tetra models. But nevertheless: fundamentally different and a clear step up.

The NOMOS Tetra neomatik 175 Years Watchmaking Glash├╝tte is now available for pre-order in the Ace Jewelers eBoutique using the links below;

NOMOS Tetra neomatik 175 Years Watchmaking Glash├╝tte Off-White 421.S1

NOMOS Tetra neomatik 175 Years Watchmaking Glash├╝tte Red 421.S2

NOMOS Tetra neomatik 175 Years Watchmaking Glash├╝tte Blue 421.S3

NOMOS Tetra neomatik 175 Years Watchmaking Glash├╝tte Black 421.S4