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editorial: the royal grand tour of Glashuette with NOMOS

Welcome to Glashuette!



Team MINIMATIKAL traveled to Glashuette to tour the NOMOS watchmaking facilities. We were so excited to arrive, we had our Glashuette Lonely Planet books in hand and cameras ready to show you all of Glashuette’s most famous monuments.



Glashuette dates back to 1445, where it was first mentioned in an undisclosed document. It is a small town in Saxony with a population of around 7,000 people. Glashuette is home to the birthplace of German watchmaking. The coat of arms features watchmaking tools [Dale: no Jenna, they’re not watchmaking tools, if your watchmaker uses these please RUN!] as well as a sun and Roman numeral hour markers from a watch dial.



Next stop was the local flower shop Blumen Rosenkranz. This cute little shop had an assortment of Spring flowers outside and that mistletoe cactus in the window was calling my name from up the hill by the NOMOS chronometrie building. Plants + NOMOS = Happy Jenna



Without another human in sight, we made it to the fire station. There’s something about a big red door that makes for a fantastic landmark. The rooster weather vane highlights the wind direction while adorning the peak of the firestation. Luckily, there was not a single siren to be heard the entire day.



One cannot go to Glashuette and not visit Der Backer Lehmann. This bakery has been in business on the Hauptstrasse since 1895. This multi-generation family business has gone through multiple renovations and a recent redesign in 1984 but their ethos has remained the same since 1895- bake delicious sour dough bread at their humble bakery in the Glashuette city center.



A visit to this quaint watch making village would not be complete without strolling past Uhren-Schmuck. This jewelry and watch company has been headquartered in Glashuette since 1997.



The St. Wolfgang church in downtown Glashuette.



We eventually came across the famous Glashuette kebab shop, Side, where one can enjoy a döner kebab, a slice of pizza, noodles or even a beer. We thought we would save ourselves for Glashuettes hottest bar, only to later find out it had been closed down before Christmas.



In a beautiful square, there was the German Watch Museum Glashuette. In the basement of the museum there is a watchmaking school;  the top two floors are the museum. In the permanent collection there are masterpieces like the Precision pendulum clock from Strasser & Rhode (1875) or the Astronomic clock by Hermann Goertz (1925).



Across the square from the museum is the NOMOS flagship boutique, where they had the discontinued Club Dunkel in stock, as well as NOMOS rings that one can coordinate with their Tetra. The NOMOS boutique is located up the street from the former train station, now the NOMOS Glashuette HQ.