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hands-on: NOMOS Ludwig Neomatik Champagner 283

NOMOS is known for their modern and playful mechanical watches at an accessible price point. What I love about Nomos, is that they’re not afraid to make daring design choices that are surprising, playful and fun. When I first saw the champagne collection from NOMOS, it was love at first sight. Having the opportunity to wear any watch from the champagne collection was an honor, but a tough decision. Admittedly, the Ludwig was probably the least likely choice for me, but it was the model I selected in the end. Here’s why…



The Ludwig features Roman numeral hour markers, the most traditional style markers from any other family in my opinion. The overall look of the Ludwig has a more preppy feel to it, rather than the more hipster persona the Metro gangreserve alludes itself to. The Ludwig Neomatik champagner is a more simplified version of the standard Ludwig 201. It features simple minute markers, and Arabic numeral five minute markers. While I tend to associate the roman numerals with a more preppy design style, at a closer look, the Ludwig Neomatik champagne is quirky, and intrinsically cool.



The champagne colored dial is a soft color, not too warm, not too cold, and perfectly reminiscent of a bottle of bubbly. The hour markers and minute markers are tangerine orange and refreshingly cool. Although I typically associate Roman numerals as being old fashioned, at a closer look, the hour markers on this model are the furthest thing from it. The long and narrow type face is sans serif, and clean as can be. The lugs on the Ludwig coordinate perfectly with the font of the hour markers, they are long, skinny and clean edged.



Ticking away inside the Ludwig Neomatik champagne is Nomos’ in-house calibre DUW3001. This ultra-thin automatic calibre is the German watchmaking company’s pride and joy, equipped with the NOMOS swing system. It measures in at only 3.2mm thick. NOMOS accomplishment of producing their own escapement wheel has allowed them to break away from outside suppliers of components, and are now completely independent. All Neomatik watches are fitted with the DUW3001, which has a power reserve of 43 hours.



The Ludwig 283 fits comfortably on the wrist. The 36mm case size was the perfect size for me. My wrist measures in at less than 15cm, so it is difficult for me to pull of a bigger watch. The case measures only 6.95mm thick, so it is comfortable and does not get in the way. I started to really fall in love with the Ludwig, because of it’s case shape. The ultra thin bezel means that less of the beautiful champagne colored dial is covered up, allowing for easier legibility of the dial. The form follows it’s function, am I right?



The Ludwig 283 is delivered on a natural finished cowhide leather strap. The high quality leather is neutral in color, matching perfectly with the overall look of the watch. The retail price of this model is EUR2.760 including VAT (price subject to change). It is available at Ace Jewelers.