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hands-on: Nomos Metro Neomatik 39 At Work 1180

Nomos launched two new mini collections in the Autumn of 2017: the ‘At Work’ series, and the 33 series- in champagne. The new models were a bit more subtle and dressy in contrast to the Baselworld novelties. While I have yet to get my hands on any of the ’33 series- in champagne’, my favorite from the ‘At Work’ series is undoubtedly the Metro Neomatik 39 At Work in rose gold, ref. 1180.

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hands-on: NOMOS Club on vintage bracelet / Part 3

Another bracelet on my NOMOS Club 701: a straight-ended Jubilee by ROWI.

After the Bonklip & Expandro came the Jubilee.

The Jubilee is another bracelet that came with the lot I bought a while back.  The style was introduced in 1945. It was created by Gay Freres for Rolex in celebration of the 40th anniversary of the latter, arguably as a more streamlined version of the earlier beads-of-rice bracelet.

Sadly my bracelet is not made by Gay Freres (unlike the Bonklip), but rather by ROWI, a manufacturer based in Pforzheim, Germany. Though it looks good in the pic I took it off right after, as it was a bit too long and I didn’t want to go to the trouble of removing any links.

Stay tuned for more.

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hands-on: a NOMOS Club on vintage Bracelet / Part 2

A little over a month ago I posted a picture of my NOMOS Club fitted with a vintage Gay Freres Bonklip-style bracelet. Yesterday I fitted another one, this time a vintage expandable Oyster-ish bracelet by Expandro.

When I first my NOMOS x Bonklip post, I thought I’d keep the Club on that bracelet for a day or two. I can now report that this was most certainly not the case, as I kept it on and wore it for one month straight. The mid-century look & feel greatly quite a bit, and I began to keep an eye open to other vintage bracelets.

Two weeks back I was negotiating with the seller of a LIP Himalaya, and in the process I discovered he also had a lot of some 80 vintage bracelets for sale, which he’d include for a modest premium. I quickly agreed and received my 2.5kg package a few days later. After a first sift I deemed about half of them to be in usable condition, and over the next couple of days I thoroughly cleaned every single one of them. It’s not a very pleasant job!

Over the next couple of weeks I’ll try to post a few of them here on minimatikal. First up is this expandable bracelet by Expandro, with 18mm straight end pieces and 16mm Oyster-like links. Suddenly the Club feels like a funky modern version of the Rolex Bubbleback. I like it!

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hands-on with De Stijl: Ace x Nomos Limited Edition

Over the last two months I’ve had my hands on the Ace x Nomos Limited Edition ‘100 Years De Stijl’ on a lot of different occasions. I connect with this watch in a different way than I do to other Nomos watches, mainly because of my relationship with the conceptual story behind the design.

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