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hands-on: a NOMOS Club on vintage Bracelet / part 1

In my article for Ace Magazine I wrote about how I think of the Club as a modern alternative to watches of the 1940’s and 1950’s. I recently acquired a Eternamatic from that era, fitted with a Gay Freres bonklip-style bracelet. This morning I decided to give it a try on the NOMOS Club 701.

So, the Club x Gay Freres, is it any good? It’s a major change compared to the one-piece nylon I usually have on this watch, that’s for sure. The look and feel is about as vintage as you’d expect. The straight 18mm endpieces paired with the 16mm width of the bracelet itself, the rattle, the stretch – it all adds to the throwback experience.

A while back tried a Fixoflex and with that I found the gap between the lugs to be too big. With the open design of the bonklip bracelet this seems like less of an issue. Please note that on the wrist the look is somewhat different than in the picture, as the bracelet folds over with the piece fitted at 12:00 clipping into one of the caps near the 6:00 lugs.

In short it’s a fun change that works particularly well in pictures 🙂 . I’ll probably keep it on for a day or two before I revert back to either nylon of Shell Cordovan.

The NOMOS Club 701 is available at Ace Jewelers.

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