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weltweit: ABlogToWatch hands-on with the Ahoi Neomatik

In ‘weltweit’ we try to keep track of NOMOS articles posted around the web.

ABlogToWatch goes hands-on with the Ahoi Neomatik post-BaselWorld 2017.

There will be four dial colors on offer here. The first two will be familiar to readers – Silver and Atlantic Blue. But there’s also two new dial colors here called “Signalblau” and “Signalrot.” The former is a very bright, almost neon, blue; and the later is a very bright red. I like these two new colors very much. Under direct light, the new Signalblau and Signalrot almost look as if they are glowing, but under dimmer light conditions, they take on a darker more somber hue.

Click here for the full article!

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weltweit: Confessions of a Watch Geek by Gary Shteyngart in The New Yorker

In ‘weltweit’ we try to keep track of NOMOS articles posted around the web.

In ‘Confessions of a Watch Geek’, Gary Shteyngart paints a vivid picture on how he became a Watch Geek, with NOMOS playing a pivotal role.

I threw my Nomos on a long covered table and an exuberantly bearded dude pawed at it while I got my hands on a cheap but sturdy Seiko diver and an “honest” Omega Speedmaster.

Read the full story at The New Yorker.

Featured illustration by Nishant Choksi / The New York.

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weltweit: HODINKEE introduces the Metro Chronometer

In ‘weltweit’ we try to keep track of NOMOS articles posted around the web.

Earlier today Hodinkee introduced the NOMOS Metro Chronometer Limited Edition For HODINKEE, a limited edition of 100 pieces.

NOMOS Metro Chronometer for Hodinkee

The German chronometer certification process is not the same as what goes on at COSC in Switzerland. First off, in Germany it is only complete watches that are tested, not lone movements. This means that what undergoes testing is the actual watch that ends up on your wrist, not an isolated movement that will then have a dial and case added later.

Read the full story over at Hodinkee.